Businesses Should Adapt to Changing Times Like Oregon Contractors, said Portland SEO’s Beato

5May 2020

The ability to adapt to the new normal would determine how businesses would thrive during the pandemic, as shown by Oregon-based construction companies, notes Portland SEO‘s Augusto Beato.

With factory shutdowns and deliveries being put off, getting the material on the site has become a significant challenge.

But being proactive aided some Oregon-based construction companies in getting materials delivered on time, Beato pointed out.

Among those companies is LMC Construction, which is working on 106 mixed-use building in Portland amid delivery problems caused by the pandemic.

Upon hearing that materials coming from China would take a lot longer, LMC Construction immediately ordered ahead and got the materials on-site.

Anticipating that COVID-19 would severely impact deliveries, LMC made sure they got their freight of quartz countertops coming from Vietnam by getting it on ships as soon as possible, even if they haven’t yet heard of any issues with deliveries coming from Vietnam.

LMC Construction also tries to be as transparent as they can with clients about what’s coming up and what they’re seeing.

“And then we just react to it on a case-by-case scenario,” said LMC Construction Vice President Kyle Anderson.

A similar mindset is being used by Hoffman Construction, which creates flexibility in their supply chain by ordering materials earlier than usual, and coordination with distributors and subcontractors to identify potential woes before they become critical, according to Vice President Dan Drinkward.

According to Drinkward, they anticipate problems by “understanding we don’t know what we don’t know yet.”

“As the pandemic rages on, the long-term effects either on individual businesses or in the industry they belong are uncertain, but everyone has to adapt to what the situation brings,” Beato emphasized. “Being able to \fFigure out what’s best to improve the situation is key.”

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