COVID-19 Just Made it Cheaper to Replace your Roof, Says Portland Businessman

10May 2020

With roof manufacturers drastically lowering their prices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an excellent time to have your roofs replaced, says to Portland-based businessman Augusto Beato.

Beato, who counts Portland SEO as among his businesses, was reacting to the announcement that Four Seasons Roofing in Maryland is giving substantial discounts on roof repair projects due to lower costs for roofing materials due to coronavirus outbreak.

“Many people who wanted to have their roofs repaired may be having doubts if now is the best time, not sure about how the pandemic affects prices and working conditions,” Beato pointed out.

Roofers roofers are lowering their prices because they have access to more affordable materials than usual.

Beato also noted that construction service providers are exempt from the stay at home regulations, so there’s no problem scheduling roof inspections or repairs.

“Usually, you should expect to shell out around $7,800 when you get the services of a reputable professional roofing contractor,” said Beato. “Since much of that goes to the roofing materials, you could expect to pay a smaller amount with the cheaper roofing materials now prevailing.”

The roofing materials now available at lower prices include shingles, gutters, and sidings.

The coronavirus outbreak also pulled down the cost of labor, and repairs could be done faster due to less interference from tenants and customers as most people are staying at home.

“That’s good news for homeowners who are making sure their roofs don’t leak during storms that are common during spring,” Beato emphasized.

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