Fake Roofing Contractors Abound in Colorado, Portland Businessman Augusto Beato Warns

14May 2020

Portland SEO’s Augusto Beato warned homeowners to do background checks before hiring roofing contractors to make sure they don’t get duped.

Beato was reacting to news that there was a rise in the number of hail damage insurance claims from 2017-2019 coming from people who were duped by fake roofing contractors dubbed as “storm chasers.”

As a result, the Rocky Mountain Insurance Association (RMIA) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) are partnering to warn Coloradans about “storm chasers,” who are people who would appear after the storm to offer their roofing repair services.

However, they would disappear quickly after taking the money.

RMIA and NICB have been fighting fraudulent roofing contractors in Colorado, along with other nonprofit, government, and business organizations.

NICB Chief Operating Officer Jim Schweitzer reminded homeowners to check with their insurance company before tapping the services of a contractor to make sure they are dealing with legitimate groups.

RMIA Executive Director Carole Walker noted that fraud and property crimes like what the fake roofing contractors are doing are on the rise during financial hardships.

Walker noticed that every time there’s a storm in Colorado, where unscrupulous contractors would go door-to-door, offering roofing repair services.

But with the threat of COVID-19 imminent, RMIA observed that there “new twists on traditional scams” with the use of “high-pressure sales tactics.”

A couple of weeks ago, Beato, who is the CEO of Portland SEO, also reported about a group of men who have been scamming residents in Portland and Lake Oswego.

Police reported that the fake roofing contractors would also visit houses offering to do home repairs and maintenance, including chimney repair and power washing.

The group was said to have torn roof while ridding it of moss., cracking open a skylight.

It was the same in Central Missouri, where many unscrupulous people would approach homeowners after a hailstorm to get money in exchange for promptly fixing their roofs.

“Fraud in roofing services is prevalent throughout the country, and the only way to avoid this is by scrutinizing those who offer you roofing contractor services,” reminds Beato.

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